The Best Way to Trade BTC and ETH against Minor and Exotic Currencies


Security of funds is our top priority. Besides 3FA and Withdrawal protection, the majority of our funds is stored in offline, cold wallets

High Liquidity

Liquid markets with high number of participants and a deep order book, with a number of open buy and sell orders at different prices


Operated by an alternative investment fund registered with the EU based Securities Market Agency


Your sell orders will be displayed accross several other top exchanges

Fast Approval

We don't guarantee you will get an approval in an instant, but we will try to accept or reject you in 12 hours

Minor and Exotic Currencies

Trade ETH and BTC against minor and exotic currencies


Sell and buy bitcoins with cash with integrated POS module (subject to license)

Your Assets

Trade your assets on Blockchain. Contact us for more details.

Launching in

We will be adding the following fiat currencies.

Check the BitSpider merchant plug-in

About BitSpider

BitSpider is a digital asset exchange that provides a trusted gateway where members can trade digital currencies against minor and especially against exotic currencies. BitSpider is operated by BitSpider UG, Germany


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